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MMS unique approach to web application development: engineering robust, secure software that effectively delivers on your business ideas and objectives.

MMS Software specialises in web application development for businesses, with an emphasis on the engineering of the software, rather than a split focus including hosting and design of the website.

We concentrate our expertise on creating and customising web application software, as well as intimately understanding your business so that the application is more effective in delivering on your business objectives.

Consistently, our clients commend our ability to translate their ideas into software solutions, assisting them to deliver on their business objectives. Gawie du Toit, Managing Director of Simeka Consultants & Actuaries, says,

“MMS asked relevant and probing questions and came up with innovative solutions to the problems we posed,” and also commended MMS on “their dependability and their clear ability to turn our ideas and requirements into the software that we imagined.”

Richard Meyer, Managing Director of Interactive Telephony, was equally impressed with the MMS approach,

“We were pleasantly surprised by their ability to understand our business… Their insight, resourcefulness and innovativeness proved to be vital in making our ideas come to life.”

Improve your business processes, create a web-based product, build communities – the opportunities are endless.

Whatever your business needs and business growth ideas, MMS can engineer solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

Business App development: We develop customised software for business applications that can help you automate processes, manage company workflows, integrate operations into accounting systems, provide an Internet based service, develop a new product and receive electronic orders.

Web App enterprise solutions: Our enterprise solutions provide tools for high volume and mission critical web applications, we can scale your application to serve millions of requests, improve application performance, monitor application health, and ensure uptime with clustering and high availability.

Turning great business ideas into tangible software solutions since 2003.

MMS Software has since its inception in 2003, worked with leading organisations in the banking, telecommunications and education sectors, turning great business ideas into tangible software solutions.

Our clients know us for the transparency of our project management process.

“We found the billing process to be very transparent with specified milestones being attached to each payment. In this way we knew exactly what we were paying for.”
Gawie du Toit, Managing Director at Simeka Consultants

MMS Software has also achieved level four BBBEE status. As such we qualify as a 100% contributor to broad-based Black economic empowerment, as per the DTI Codes of Good Practice gazetted on the 9th February 2007.

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Think Open Software can customise applications that are more technically sound and that are successfully aligned with your business model, processes and objectives.

Call Think Open Software today on 0861 127 001 and let us assist you in turning your business growth ideas into tangible software solutions.