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The key to a successful web-based application development project

“…a software development project may stray into processes not usually associated with engineering, such as market research, human resources, risk management, intellectual property, budgeting, crisis management, etc. These processes may also cause the role of business development to overlap with software development.” Wikipedia

Think Open Software specialises in web based application development projects built to specification. These specifications are based on the unique needs of your business. Ultimately, projects are as diverse as the customers and industries who benefit from them.

Think Open provides a wholistic software development approach, which includes:

  • Business analysis
  • Systems architecture design
  • Project management
  • Web application programming
  • QA and Testing
  • Maintenance and support

The key when embarking on a web-based application project is in ensuring that it is professionally managed by experts not only skilled in developing software but who also have the capacity to understand the intrinsics of your business environment, and in addition who offer expert project management capabilities.

Think Open’s approach encompasses professional project management, valuable business insights as well as expert software development.

The Think Open value proposition

Think Open offers value in the two areas of a project development cycle that occur even before a single line of code is written:

Minimising the risk of your project through proper planning

“Ninety-seven percent of successful projects have an experienced project manager at the helm.”
The Chaos Report by the Standish Group

Anyone who has embarked on a software development project will know that it is a risky business. It is not an initiative to be taken lightly, and should typically be done with the help of experts. Although risk cannot be avoided completely, Think Open provides the project management experience to identify project risk areas and devise a project management plan to maximise chances of success.

Think Open follows a professional project management process, including initial planning and project meetings, as well as a detailed map of project milestones.

Expressing confidence in the Think Open project management approach, client Richard Meyer, Managing Director of Interactive Telephony (Pty) Ltd, said,

“We felt at ease that all unnecessary risk was eliminated by their project management process. The software development was managed very professionally, with regular progress reports and timeous delivery of milestones. Technical challenges were discussed openly and honestly and allowed us to make informed business decisions.”


Valuable insights into your business – turning ideas into innovative solutions that work

According to the Random House Unabridged Dictionary the definition of engineering is:

“the art or science of making practical application of the knowledge of pure sciences”

This is an apt description of what Think Open offers: we use our creative and out-of-the-box thinking, knowledge and experience to architect a plan for a workable solution that can be implemented in practice.

Client Gawie du Toit, Managing Director of Simeka Consultants & Actuaries commended Think Open for coming up with

“innovative solutions to the problems we posed” and for “turning our ideas and requirements into the software we imagined”

The success of our projects is based on our ability to understand our clients’ business and to deliver expertise in the software development process. In this way we are not only able to assist in identifying valuable business growth opportunities but also to translate these ideas into innovative, working solutions.